Welcome to fastest web proxy on the interenet

Use our fastest premium web proxy to surf internet fast, securely and anonymously. Hide you online identity using our free dedicated proxy server. Did you country or government blocked websites or website is blocked for your country? In school/college you can browse only few websites? Same problem in office you are sitting in? Well you are at the best web proxy site that allows you to browse any website and anywhere you want safely and anonymously.

What is Web Proxy?

Web Proxy is just like the normal proxy that we use to change our IP address or hide the identity when surfing the internet. Web Proxy is very easy to use. You do not have to install any software or change network settings or modify internet settings. To use web proxy just open the website like http://fomz.org and enter the URL of your desire website that you want to surf it without showing your identity.

How a Web Proxy Works?

Web Proxy works like a broker agent(the middle man). You request for a website, for example http://www.youtube.com then web proxy server go to that website and fetch the complete web page. After fetching the page it shows to you. Now that website will never get your foot print because you never visit that website. It is web proxy server who fetch the website and displayed it to you. That is why we call it safely and anonymously surfing the internet.